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Defining Asia Pacific

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The Asia Pacific region contains more than half of the world’s population and will be the major contributor to the global economy with extensive trading and collaboration with the rest of the world. The region is highly dynamic, with both rapid growth and urbanisation.  It is widely accepted that it is cities that define a nation’s prosperity - cities have become the key means through which growth is promoted and progress achieved.

For the purposes and as per the context of Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum, the "Asia Pacific region" is defined as those Cities of Asia and the Pacific that occupies the regions and metropolis listed below.  This interpretation observes the 'Arc' of the Asia Pacific that includes North Asia, South Asia, East Asia Western Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, Oceania and Americas. 

On the map, this region stretches from Abu Dhabi in the west, to Seattle and Santiago in the east of the Pacific and from Shanghai and Vladivostok and in the North, to Invercargill in the south.  

This interpretation by no mean serves to restrict nor exclude any participation, but act as a reference and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories. The summit is an apolitical forum for cities to advance international dialogue. As a city based initiative, issues of national policy are not engaged nor play an influence on the execution of the summit.