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Brisbane, Australia's New World City

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is located on the eastern seaboard of Australia. As the only subtropical capital city, Brisbane is known as a lifestyle destination – a place where business and pleasure easily work in tandem under sunlit skies. Brisbane offers an amazing array of attractions. Dynamic urban experiences that cover everything from culture and art, live music, alfresco dining and impressive fashion, play alongside all manner of outdoor activities and a stunning natural backdrop of national parks and island escapes.

Go to Visit Brisbane or view the Visit Brisbane YouTube channel to explore the city's best things to see and do.

Quick facts

  • Brisbane has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city. In 2013, Brisbane had 261 days of full sunshine, with average temperatures in winter rarely dipping below 20°C.
  • The greater Brisbane area has a population of 2.17 million and is projected to grow to 3.32 million by 2036.
  • Brisbane is recognised as one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, driving Queensland's economic growth. Brisbane's economy is valued at $135 billion, accounting for almost half of Queensland's economy.
  • Brisbane has the fastest average annual employment growth rate on the east coast ahead of Melbourne and Sydney. Of the 1.15 million people employed in the greater Brisbane area, the average income is $61,550 per year.
  • Brisbane's nine Sister Cities, Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Chongqing, Daejeon, Hyderabad, Kaohsiung, Kobe, Semarang and Shenzhen, have contributed $860 billion GDRP collectively. 
  • Built on a strong foundation of infrastructure, Brisbane's major assets include a world-class international airport, a busy international port, a comprehensive road and rail network, a fully-integrated public transport and ticketing system and vibrant entertainment and sporting venues.
  • Brisbane is home to approximately 75,000 international students. Drawing great strength from its education sector, Brisbane boasts three world-class universities, outstanding technical and trade programs and comprehensive primary and secondary schooling.