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As a new wave of innovation and global development emerges, the economic gravity progressively shifts south and east towards the Asia Pacific; a highly dynamic region experiencing rapid growth and urbanisation. This brings forth both opportunities and challenges for the global community to embrace. Leading cities, companies and thinkers are invited to participate in the summit's overarching theme of 'business and Leadership in the Asia Pacific'.

International government and industry experts will address critical issues affecting cities including:

Global Cities – cultivating talent, technology, and trade

Globally fluent cities embrace talent, technology, and trade. How can cities thrive economically through investments in workers, innovative firms and industries, and global engagement?

Digital cities - the science and technology behind cities

The smarter and better-connected cities of the future will fully utilise a range of technologies to enhance environmental, social and economic performance. How can cities of today improve our housing, heritage, transportation, communications and city governance by embracing new and emergent technology?

Future cities - developing cities and smart communities

How will cities tackle the challenges caused by increasing urbanisation? How should cities manage resilience, food supply, water security, sanitation, security and education?

Cities for people - clean, green, accessible and inclusive cities

How can administrations manage urban development and population growth in a resource-efficient and environmentally sensitive manner? What creative techniques, policies and technologies do cities have available to improve the quality of life of residents and how can cities create more engaging and inclusive public spaces.

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