APCS Market Square

Once every two years, business people have privileged access to key decision makers and influencers of cities in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) Market Square is an important and integral component of the Summit and serves as an interactive networking and exhibition hub, a platform to strengthen trade and investment links and a unique opportunity to drive commercial outcomes.

The 2019APCS Market Square will present another unique opportunity to showcase your brand, services and products to the key decision-makers of the Asia Pacific including government, business, industry and emerging leaders.

To find out more about exhibiting in the 2019APCS Market Square, contact us.

The 2017APCS Market Square included 77 exhibitors from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, as well as zones which profiled the 2017APCS host city of Daejeon and its hi-tech industry. The 2017APCS Market Square also featured the Brisbane Pavilion, which showcased Brisbane business and key industries.

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