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Defining Asia Pacific

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The Asia Pacific region contains more than half of the world’s population and is a major contributor to the global economy with extensive trading and collaboration with the rest of the world. In recent years, a significant share of global economic output and growth has concentrated in large cities in the Asia Pacific region. The region is highly dynamic, with rapid growth and urbanisation.

As per the context of Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors' Forum, the 'Asia Pacific region' includes the 'arc' of the Asia Pacific - parts of North Asia, South Asia, East Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, Oceania and the Americas. On the map, this region stretches from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the west, to Seattle, Washington and Santiago, Chile in the east and from Shanghai, China and Vladivostok, Russia in the north, to Invercargill, New Zealand in the south.

APCS is an apolitical forum for cities to advance international dialogue and establish strategic partnerships and economic opportunities with other cities in the region.

The 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2017APCS) & Mayors' Forum will be held in Daejeon, South Korea from 10-13 September 2017.

Brisbane business, government, industry and youth leaders interested in attending the 2017APCS, should contact the APCS Secretariat by phone or email.