Wed, 06/12/2019

Many people assume that by simply attending an event, listening to speakers, walking through exhibition halls and talking to peers is enough to gain from a conference. Yet, the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS) and Mayors’ Forum has strived to be much more than that for registered delegates.

Cities are where industry leaders flourish. Strengthen your city-to-city relationships and connect with potential partners this July in Brisbane. Grow your network by attending a number of unique social events and utilising App Features, including one-on-one business meetings. Develop exciting action plans for your business or organisation and utilise new information and connections.

The following is your step-by-step guide to maximising your business prospects before, during and after the 2019APCS.

Before the Summit 

Building your network and meeting the right people doesn’t have to be hard. After all, it’s one of the crucial elements to personal development. That’s why the 2019APCS App allows delegates to search from a list of registered attendees, further enabling them to send messages and strategically schedule one-on-one meetings.

Research and plan via the 2019APCS App

Take advantage of the new interactive 2019APCS App feature, Meet@APCS. Research who you want to meet with by searching through the list of attendees on the App. Send them a message and lock in a time. Broaden your network by clicking through to their LinkedIn Profiles. Contribute to the 2019APCS conversation online, be seen and heard, as well as keeping up to date with industry news.

Start conversations ahead of the Summit 

As important as those first meetings are, they can often be unproductive. Avoid this by developing your key meeting objectives ahead of time via consistent messaging in the 2019APCS App. Harness the most of your time as you meet with local government representatives, potential partners, investors, clients and suppliers.

At the Summit 

High quality thought leadership sessions and social events are amongst the most important for intellectual and career advancement.

Attend the thought leadership sessions 

Take advantage of being in the right place at the right time by customising your agenda. Attend your choice of keynotes, plenaries and concurrent sessions tailored to each of the four sub themes, Liveability, Mobility, Sustainability and Innovation. Take notes, bring business cards and learn alongside new people. Plan questions to engage in meaningful dialogue at the summit by viewing speaker profiles in the 2019APCS App. Your attendance is only the half of it, remember that posting your thoughts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram is crucial to building your personal brand.

Attend social events for networking opportunities 

Not many people are able to think of an event that will attract more than 1000 key decision makers and city influencers from over 100 cities. Follow simple strategies to get the most out of your attendance, visit and eat lunch with people at the interactive networking hub of the Summit, Market Square. Attend events such as the Opening Ceremony, Gala Dinner and Networking Closing Lunch. To see more events that you have access to, see delegate entitlements.

After the Summit 

2019APCS does not have to end when you arrive home. Thrive long after the conference by making the most of your new information.

Send emails and gather contact information 

Strike while the iron is hot and follow-up with your chosen contacts within 24 hours after the Summit. Gather your collected business cards, flyers and emails into a folder or spread sheet and start writing your follow up notes.

Turn your notes into an Action Plan

One of the most important things after attending a Summit is putting your notes to use. Keep up with new city trends and present your findings to work colleagues. Categorise your notes into two columns. One for ideas you would like to implement, and the other for tasks you are already doing. The final step is to make an action plan, outlining new and exciting ways to undertake the ideas that are now your new goals.


Relish in this exciting opportunity and Register now. View the full program here.


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