Martin O'Malley


61st Governor of Maryland and former Mayor of Baltimore

Recognised as a global authority on the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and location-based analytics in government, Martin O'Malley is widely regarded as one of the most effective managers in the history of US government. 

O'Malley was elected Governor of Maryland in 2007 and held the position until 2015. Under his watch, Maryland invested heavily in public safety, college education, affordable healthcare and economic growth. The state was transformed from one of the poorest performing in America to one of the strongest, recovering 100% of jobs lost during the national recession and was one of only seven states to maintain a AAA bond rating. 

Prior to taking office as Governor, O'Malley had served two terms as the Mayor of Baltimore, during which TIME magazine named him "One of America's Five Best Big-City Mayors" for the effort he made in cutting the city's crime rate by 43% and shaving $100 million off operating costs. 

He attributes much of his success in office to his use of advanced location-based analytics as a platform for transparency and accountability. As Mayor of Baltimore, O'Malley had developed CitiStat, a data and management platform that won Harvard University's Innovations in American Government Award. Later, when he became Governor of Maryland, he implemented a state-level version of the tool - StateStat

He now heads MetroLab Network, part of the White House Smart Cities Initiative. Supported by a $1 million grant, MetroLab is a coalition of partners from 34 cities and 44 universities which was created to offer technological and analytically-based solutions to challenges facing urban areas including health, security, mobility, infrastructure and environmental sustainability. 

O'Malley regularly provides political commentary in Australian media and has recently appeared on the Directions with Stan Grant podcast to discuss entrepreneurial government. 

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