Program Outline

Program theme - 'Redefining Cities through Opportunities and Challenges'


Program sub-themes 

Under the overarching theme of 'Redefining Cities through Opportunities and Challenges', the 2021APCS Special Edition program will feature an impressive line-up of speakers and curated sessions to generate meaningful and insightful conversations in line with each of the program sub-themes:

 HEALTHY CITIES - Strengthening agility, wellbeing and sustainability 

 VIBRANT CITIES - Celebrating and enhancing creativity, diversity and tourism

 CONNECTED CITIES - Redefining connections and movement 

 INTELLIGENT CITIES - Harnessing and supporting talent, innovation and business


Program outline 

*Program outline is indicative only and is subject to change. 

Speaker session types 

  • APCS Keynote Address: Top level keynote sessions that are not attached to sub-themes but seek to address the overall 2021APCS Special Edition theme of 'Redefining Cities through Opportunities and Challenges.' Keynote speakers by invitation only. There will be either a single speaker for 40 minutes followed by moderated discussion or two speakers of 20 minutes each followed by moderated discussion. 
  • Big Picture Sessions: Plenary sessions which address one of the sub-themes from a macro perspective. These feature one or two speakers (either one for 20 minutes or two of 10 minutes each), who are recognised as leaders within the field. Two themes per day.
  • Deep Dive Sessions: Focused concurrent sessions featuring immersive case studies and presentations which will delve into detail. Speakers may be invited or authors of selected abstracts. There will be a minimum of two Deep Dive Sessions per sub-theme. 
  • Future Cities Panels: High level plenary session on broader city-based issues. Speakers are city leaders speaking in panel format. 

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