City Leaders' Forum

"An exclusive opportunity for city leaders and senior government executives" 

The inaugural City Leaders' Forum at the 2021APCS Special Edition will be an opportunity for city leaders and senior government executives to re-emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, network with their peers, share the experiences and activities of their cities, and learn from one another. 

Given the shared challenges that we have experienced in recent times, the City Leaders' Forum promises to be an exciting opportunity for collaboration. 

Who will attend the City Leaders' Forum? 

  • Chief executive officers and general mangers
  • Divisional or departmental managers
  • Economic development managers
  • Smart city leaders. 

City Leaders can submit their EOI to participate in this forum during the registration process.

If you are are unsure if a nominated delegate meets the criteria to participate in the City Leaders' Forum, please contact the APCS Secretariat

What is the format of the City Leaders' Forum?

The City Leaders' Forum will be comprised of several presentations and a panel session of City Leaders. Participants will be able to ask questions and participate in live polling. International delegates will be participating in this session virtually. 

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