Find out what others found most beneficial in joining the APCS. 

Mayors, Deputy Mayors and City Leaders


Greg Williamson, Mayor of Mackay Regional Council

"There are many opportunities for elected members and CEOs in local government to attend conferences, but there are few conferences that present the opportunities for knowledge expansion, sharing problems and ideas and networking across a broad scale as presented at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors' Forum. Brisbane City Council leads by example in challenging the status quo of local government and presenting a future focus that we all need to be reminded of as a critical aim of local government. This is a not to be missed event."


Rosy Senanayake, Former Mayor of Colombo Municipal Council 


Robert Sapulette, Head of Transport Department, Ambon City




Luca De Leonardis, Head - Australia & New Zealand, Invest Hong Kong 

"The 2019APCS proved to be a fruitful event packed with so much knowledge and great speakers. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trends and opportunities offered by different regions in Australasia by promoting communication between city government representatives, professional organisations and companies. I want to thank Brisbane City Council for making the 2019APCS a real success."




Professor Caitlin Byrne, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), Griffith University 

"What a privilege to work with the dynamic and diverse group of young professionals through the Asia Pacific Cities Summit. As the emerging and future leaders of the Asia Pacific region, their commitment to addressing the challenges ahead- to improve the way our cities function to support safer, more innovative, inclusive and connected communities - was invigorating and inspirational. 


Paul Spiro, Queensland Chairman, Gadens Lawyers

"The 2019APCS was very professionally managed and organised. I believe Gadens Lawyers obtained great value from our involvement and partnership with the City of Brisbane. I'm very happy with the content, branding and ultimately the strong attendance at our concurrent session on Tuesday. It was an exceptional APCS of which Brisbane should be immensely proud. I look forward to continuing my involvement in this quality event and concept." 


Scott Smith, CEO, Council of Mayors (SEQ) 

"As Sponsors and delegates of the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) received unprecedented access to government and business leaders from across the Asia Pacific. We have formed lasting and productive relationships with regions across the globe that continue to create opportunities for South East Queensland. We look forward to continuing our involvement in 2021 and beyond."


Delegates, Market Square & Innovation Alley Exhibitors


Karen Sanders, Co-Founder & General Manager, Real Serious Games 

"Real Serious Games was pleased to be an exhibitor at the 2019APCS. The Summit provided an excellent opportunity to connect with local and international delegates as well as other businesses. In addition, the conference speakers presented on topics that were both insightful and informative. There were many highlights from the event however, you need to attend the Summit to fully appreciate the immense value for businesses and individuals." 


Andy Kiang, Advisor, Brogent Technologies 


Damien Aldridge, Education Director, STEMPunks


Young Professionals 


Ben Davie, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Queensland University of Technology 

"I am glad I chose to be part of the 2019APCS in Brisbane. As a Young Professional delegate, I got to engage with a great combination of students and professionals from a range of backgrounds. Having a discussion with the Vice Mayor of Daejeon about his city at the Mayors' and Young Professionals' Dinner was particularly noteworthy since I will be studying there in 2020 whilst on exchange. I really appreciated being able to make these connections and exploring what goes into making a city function over the three days. A big thanks to Brisbane City Council for their effort in creating such a wonderful event." 


Johannes De-Hoop, Graduate Engineer, Airbus 




Shiyin Zhang, Master of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, The University of Queensland

"The 2019APCS event undoubtedly broadened my horizon about how things worked in the real business world and helped me identify key future trends in the industry. This mega event also improved my leadership and made me a better team player. I believe everyone involved in this international event has built their own significant business relationships or personal rapport with talent from all over the world." 


Chantel Sadi, Law / Government & International Relations, Griffith University 


Host Cities


Kaohsiung City Government, host City of the 2013APCS 

"We proudly hosted the 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2013APCS) and Mayors' Forum. A total of 102 cities participated in the 2013APCS, including more than 2200 delegates. More than 93 business-matching meetings were hosted, 27 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) were signed and NTD $2.5 billion worth of business opportunities were created at the 2013APCS. Hosting the 2013APCS enabled Kaohsiung to lead the continued cooperation of the APCS entity for the benefits of regional cities and accelerated the momentum to transform Kaohsiung to be a multi-functional international harbour city." 


Daejeon Metropolitan City, host City of the 2017APCS 

"Hosting the 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2017APCS) and Mayors' Forum allowed Daejeon to solidify its leading role in the fourth industrial revolution to an international audience. Thanks to the 2017APCS, the citizens and the youth of Daejeon have been able to meet world-renowned leaders and have gained great insights while the City of Daejeon has re-established itself as a hub city in the Asia Pacific region." 

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