Major Project Announcement Briefings

2023APCS & Mayors' Forum in Brisbane

Upcoming procurement activities and commercial opportunities in the Asia Pacific region 

The 2023APCS in Brisbane hosted presenters from across the Asia Pacific region at the 2023APCS Major Project Announcement Briefings - including representatives from the Asian Development Bank, Invest Hong Kong and Palmerston North City Council (New Zealand) as well as domestic opportunities with Redland City Council and Brisbane City Council.

The projects announced at the 2023APCS: 

Asian Development Bank - Pacific Liaison and Co-ordination Office, Sydney

Dili West Water Supply Project (Dili) - Project Value: AU $155 million

The Dili West Water Supply project will support the development of climate-resilient infrastructure including water treatment plants, groundwater holes, service reservoirs and new water network mains to deliver potable water from diversified sources such as groundswater and surface water. The project will benefit 36,200 households and commercial establishments in the capital city.

The project will also enhance the operations of state-owned water services utility Bee Timor-Leste (BTL) through the adoption of a gender-sensitive and socially inclusive water services operational plan to support key functions including customer service, human resources, long-term capital investment planning, operations and maintenance, and asset management.

In addition, the project will support the development of water services regulatory guidelines for adoption by the government's National Authority for Water and Sanitation. The guidelines will ensure the protection of water resources and enhance the financial sustainability of BTL.

Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (Mataram, Pontianak, Semarang) - Project Value: AU $477 million

The project will support the Government of Indonesia in increasing access to climate resilient, adequate, and safely managed sanitation services to about 400,000 people in the cities of Mataram, Pontianak and Semarang. It will (i) improve and expand sanitation systems by constructing wastewater treatment plants, sewer networks, household connections, and enhancing existing faecal sludge management (FSM) facilities to build project cities' resilience; (ii) strengthen the regulatory environment and (iii) improve institutional effectiveness of the sanitation service operators on governance, digitisation, resilience and asset management.

Brisbane City Council - Strategic Procurement Office

Upcoming Projects with Brisbane City Council (Brisbane)

Procurement in Brisbane City Council operates under a centre-led model overseen by the Strategic Procurement Office. This model helps to optimise resources while delivering a strategic focus to the management of Council's spend. Council undertakes many types of contracting activities which fall broadly into four groups: enterprise services, transport and utilities, construction and operations, and information and communications technology. Upcoming tender projects within the next 12 months represent a projected value more than AU $80+ million.

Invest Hong Kong

Ho Man Tin Government Complex (Hong Kong) - Project Value: AU $80 million

The Ho Man Tin Government Complex is a multi-purpose facility in Kowloon City, providing an integrated health care and community centre for the district. The construction of this project forms part of the HKSAR Government's Northern Metropolis Development Strategy, proposing to expand the Northern Economic Belt under the Hong Kong 2030+ plan to cover New Development areas and nodes in Hong Kong's Northern territories. This development strategy promises to provide both additional residential areas, new job opportunities, new technology and industry parks to provide work/ life balance and achieve smarter living and mobility for citizens. It will also support the future growth of Hong Kong as a smart economy and with industry transformation initiatives that allow Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Zhuhai to be tightly integrated as part of the Greater Bay Area economic growth.

Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands (Hong Kong)

The Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands are a future project, announced through the Lantau Tomorrow Vision, to meet the long-term needs of Hong Kong. Supported by a comprehensive network of strategic roads and rails, these islands will connect Hong Kong Island, Northeast Lantau and the coastal areas of Tuen Mun, and provide further interconnectivity to new territories in the Northwest. It is estimated that the Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands are capable of accommodating a population of 500,000 to 550,000 people, providing 190,000 to 210,000 housing units, and support the development of a third core Business District, with some 270,000 diversified employment opportunities.

The Northern Metropolis and Kau Yi Chau Artificial Island macro projects represent a pipeline of future projects with a projected value in excess of AU $100 billion ($501 billion HKD).

Central Economic Development Agency and Palmerston North City Council (Palmerston North)

Te Utanganui - The Central New Zealand Distribution Hub - Project Value: AU $1.229 billion

Te Utanganui is a unique multi modal distribution hub in the lower North Island of New Zealand consisting of rail, road, air and sea connections that will be the third node in New Zealand's national transport and freight network in the middle of the country. In the heart of the lower North Island, Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu region are experiencing unprecedented levels of growth fuelled by significant public and private investment with more than NZD$8 billion of transport and infrastructure investment planned and under way in the next 10 years. Te Utanganui is taking development in Manawatu to the next level, building upon initiatives already planned for the area, to create unprecedented connectivity across the central north island.

Redland City Council (Redland)

Birkdale Community Precinct - A Place with a Space for Everyone - Project Value: AU $300 million

Redland City Council is delivering an exciting, intergenerational project, designed for and by the Redlands Coast Community. The 62-hectare Birkdale Community Precinct will feature seven hubs: Cultural Hub, Willards Farm (Food) Hub, Innovation Hub, Entertainment Hub, Communications Hub, Recreation, Resilience & Adventure Sports Hub and a Conservation Hub. This precinct incorporates the Redland Whitewater Centre, the proposed Canoe Slalom event venue for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which was confirmed in the Brisbane 2032 Master Plan during the candidature process. It will also be part of the broader Redland Resilience Training Centre, with a primary focus on swiftwater and urban flooding rescue training, paddle sport elite training and international level competition, and community recreation.


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