Arlian Ecker

Arlian Ecker

Plastic Free Boy

Australian student Arlian Ecker is on a global mission to save the ocean from plastic pollution.  Since 2017, Arlian, known as 'Plastic Free Boy', has united thousands of children by sharing his inspiring and educational documentary 'Plastic Alarm' in schools internationally, showcasing the problems and solutions of plastic pollution.

He engages school children with his mission in protecting the ocean and our waterways, not only for marine animals but for future generations, by highlighting scientific facts such as micro plastic and its effects on human health. 

Arlian's ongoing film making campaign and international speaker engagements have been featured on national media, been nominated for the 'Green Globe Awards' and earned him titles such as 2019 Youth Ambassador for 'Clean Up Australia Day'. 

As a Plenary Speaker for the Sustainability of Cities and the Summit's youngest speaker, Arlian will share how he is uniting and empowering future generations by collaborating with community groups, corporations and government agencies to co-create a sustainable future.

Arlian is a passionate, inspiring young leader determined to help school students to become global citizens of change.  

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