Toby Travanner

Toby Travanner

If you’re looking for a speaker for your next conference, event or launch, look no further than Australia’s number one business MC, Toby Travanner.

Quite simply, Toby is the best of the best. He’s not only in high demand from companies and agencies Australia-wide, but he’s the speaker’s speaker - greatly admired and respected by his peers.

But that’s not all - Toby is also a highly sought-after business coach, keynote speaker and training facilitor.

30 years of experience have made Toby the most trusted conference professional. He combines the roles of consultant, keynote speaker, sales person, manager and facilitator into his role as an MC. Being expert in a number of industries and well-versed in most of the rest, he’s more than just intros and housekeeping. He will capture and motivate audiences by ensuring that the key messages from each session are highlighted and linked with each other and with the theme of the conference, and that conference strategies and desired outcomes are consistently reinforced. 

Toby’s expert handling of a multitude of international celebrities, sports stars and politicians makes him the number one choice to introduce and interview VIP guests. In recent years, Toby has interviewed Sir Richard Branson, Sir Peter Cosgrove, Rudy Giuliani, Tony Abbott, Nick Green, Julia Gillard, Condoleezza Rice, Andrew Demetriou, John Howard, Mark Bouris, Nicole Livingstone, Matthew Pavlich and Brooke Hanson, just to name a few.

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