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The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) is renowned for helping businesses gain entry into key global markets and providing attending delegates and exhibitors opportunity to engage with the region on a significant scale.

The APCS It is your best opportunity to meet the decision makers of the Asia Pacific region’s leading cities, all in one location, at the same time.

Maximise your participation with [email protected], a dedicated business introductions program, designed to create opportunities to meet with delegates, exchange knowledge and do business. Capitalise on the opportunity to pre-arrange meetings with other delegates, including local government representatives, potential partners, investors, clients and suppliers.

Meetings are held throughout the Summit, in dedicated suites in the APCS Market Square exhibition hub. 

The 2019APCS [email protected] Business Program enabled 149 targeted meetings. 

Whether you have a government-to-government, business-to-business, or business-to-government focus, [email protected] helps you connect with the right people, organisations and cities.

How to access [email protected]

  • During the registration process, delegates will be invited to participate in the [email protected] program.
  • Prior to the APCS, registered delegates are emailed a link to download the [email protected] App. 
  • Once downloaded, delegates can use the [email protected] App to request and accept meetings with other delegates.
  • Meetings are automatically scheduled in the meeting rooms situated in the APCS Market Square.

2019APCS App information

The official 2019APCS event app provided registered delegates with real-time Summit information from their mobile device. 

The App allowed delegates to get the most of their time at the 2019APCS. The 2019APCS App features included: 

  • full program
  • full list of attending delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors 
  • receive latest updates on major projects in cities 
  • schedule [email protected] meetings 
  • event badge scanners
  • note-taking
  • messenger. 

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