Thu, 11/05/2020

"We were able to make contact with civic leaders from the Asia Pacific region and beyond and participate in conversations with emerging smart city issues."


1. Can you give us a quick overview of your organisation's involvement in the 2019APCS?

Gadens sponsored a concurrent session on 'Global and City Strategies for Liveability', providing the Chair and a panel presenter. As a long-term committed supporter of many city endeavours, Gadens also wanted to attribute the Gadens brand with a world-class event with significant reach into the Australian market but also enable the opportunity for a presence into the broader professional services market across the region. 


2. Why did you choose to participate and support the 2019APCS?

Gadens are vitally interested in developing sustainable and vibrant cities of significance and we wanted to deepen our knowledge and understanding on what has been happening with smart cities worldwide. 

As a proudly owned and locally operated business in Brisbane and Queensland, Gadens also wanted to showcase our story of success and innovative community engagement to global visitors and make connections that could potentially create long-lasting value for this region as well as the Gadens brand internationally. 


3. Can you tell us more about outcomes of your involvement in the 2019APCS?

Gadens is a highly innovative and tech-savvy commercial law firm with fast-growing practice offerings for local, state and federal governments. Having a strong and vibrant presence at the 2019APCS was a logical fit for Gadens. Gadens was able to make direct contact with many civic leaders from the Asia Pacific region and beyond and participate in fantastic conversations with emerging smart city issues. 


4. What were some of the highlights from the 2019APCS? 

In particular, the speakers on the final day were inspirational. Our stakeholders got a lot of value from concurrent sessions throughout the Summit, which were topical, relevant and focussed. The Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception was superbly produced and very professionally orchestrated. 

(The Opening Ceremony of the 2019APCS in Brisbane) 

5. How has your organisation specifically benefited from participating in the 2019APCS?

Gadens has benefited enormously from the APCS experience by the excellent relationships made and valuable knowledge obtained by attending the various quality sessions. The exposure through the Gadens sponsored concurrent sessions was particularly valuable for attracting a considerable number of key target clients across the private and public sectors from key regions in Australia. 


6. Why should organisations consider partnering with the Summit into the future? Any other words you would like to share with future APCS attendees? 

The APCS is a unique opportunity to widen your knowledge of emerging trends in civic development around the world. This event is highly recommended for organisations interested in smart cities and securing a balanced urban environment for residents and workers. The 2019APCS Market Square exhibition hub was very interesting covering all facets of civic development throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. 


The above content was provided by Gadens, 2019APCS Supporting Partner. For information about Gadens, visit the website